Home Lighting

Renovating and extensions are our specialty, creating a new look with beautiful Pendants, LED or strip lighting will complete your new look.
We install lights to both new and existing properties.

LED Lighting

With LED lighting leading the way in efficiency, brightness and longevity ensure you home has the latest technology which will help save on power and money.
Updating your lighting to LED lights will use less electricity while the bulbs will last up to 50 times longer than standard light bulbs. Less power usage means lower power bills.

Garden and Outdoor Lighting

DMP Electrical can provide some ‘Spark’ to your outdoor areas too, with some LED outdoor lighting which is properly protected from the elements.

Sensor/Security Lighting

Sensor lighting provide you with the security of knowing when someone or something is near your home, deterring unwanted guests.
Sensor lighting is also ideal for your own personal use in getting around the yard.